Paper sessions and linked abstracts

Thursday 3 October 12:30 – 14:00, Centre Campus

Sustainable residential design. Chair: Jenni Poutanen (A3) ABSTRACTS

CHIARA PICCARDO, ALAM ASHRAFUL, MARK HUGHES: The potential of wood in sustainable residential buildings: prospects in green building certifications
ANDREAS SAVVIDES, A. MICHAEL, V. IERIDES, E. TRIANTAFYLLIDOU, M. XENOPHONTOS, C. VASSILIADES: Development of an environmentally-friendly prefabricated housing unit – An affordable and spatially flexible housing solution
MARKKU KARJALAINEN: Timber apartment building resident and builder surveys support timber construction in Finland [In Finnish]

Housing in a city 1. Chair: James Brown (A1) ABSTRACTS

DALIA MILIÁN BERNAL: Casa Taft 169: A communal home, a platform and a transformative project in a Latin American city
LUIS PALACIOS, BEATRIZ ALONSO: When a patio becomes a city. (In)volution of Carrières Centrales, Casablanca (1953–2018)
HANNAH STROTHMANN: Unsettled – Reconsidering homelessness through the lens of (urban) movement
MINNA KULOJÄRVI: Quarticciolo – A case study of a suburb as dissonant heritage

Feeling home in a city. Chair: Pekka Passinmäki (A4) ABSTRACTS

HELMI KAJASTE: Boundaries of Home: Everyday domesticity in the films Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles and The Man Without a Past
CATERINA FRISONE: Individuals in Crowded Places: Feeling at home in the public realm
HARRIET MEYER-KNIGHT, SIMON TOWSE: Home_City: designing urban architecture through spatial intimacies of home in Aotearoa New Zealand
SATU KIURU: Olemisen, ajan ja tilan eksistentiaalinen tyhjiö [The Existential vacuum of being, time and space; In Finnish]

Thursday 3 October 15:30 – 17:00, Centre Campus

Residential design, history and time. Chair: Magnus Rönn (A3) ABSTRACTS

URSZULA KOZMINSKA: Materiality and time in Danish sustainable architecture
RANALD LAWRENCE: Learning from Precedent – The (ir)reproducibility of home
CATHELIJNE NUIJSINK: Negotiating Comfort in the Metropolis: Peter Cook, Toyo Ito and the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition, 1977–1988
KSENIA YAKUNICHEVA: Architecture as a design object

Housing design 1. Chair: Sini Saarimaa (A1) ABSTRACTS

ANNA BRAIDE: Adaptable apartments: Design strategies for spatial adaptability
SINI SAARIMAA, SATU HUUHKA: Apartments’ Potential for Dweller-driven Adaptation: Comparing Finnish Apartments from 1940–1990
KATJA MAUNUNAHO, JYRKI TARPIO: Co-creating a Cookbook to Agile Housing
ANNA HELAMAA: Yhteisöllisyys asuntosuunnittelua ohjaavana tavoitteena [In Finnish]

Collaboration, learning, discourse. Chair: Juho Rajaniemi (A4) ABSTRACTS

JENNI POUTANEN: Public meets private at the university? The effects of student-centred learning on facilities
LAURE BRAYER: Hospitality and the City: Video-based Collaborative Design Methods for Open Public Spaces
JENS BRANDT, ROBIN LYBECK: Pedagogy of the Urban – Game based learning, Active citizenship and urban development – in with and for the city of Salo, Finland
PILVI NUMMI, EVELIINA HARSIA: Miten arkkitehtuurista keskustellaan sosiaalisessa mediassa? [In Finnish]

Housing for all. Chair: Markku Norvasuo (A2a) ABSTRACTS

OLANDE ONITIJU: Rethinking informality in an African city
ANASTASIA SAKKA: Mass Housing Policies in a Developing World; the case of Islamabad
MICHAEL ASGAARD ANDERSEN: Affordable Housing in Denmark
IRA VERMA: Housing Design for All: Aging in an urban context: a case study

Friday 4 October 09:30 – 11:00, Hervanta Campus

Heritage & culture in housing. Chair: Ranja Hautamäki (RO105) ABSTRACTS

MAGNUS RÖNN: The Lindholmen case: Residential architecture and compensation in areas of national interest for the cultural heritage
RODRIGO TAVARES: Rethinking Recife's immediate past: a hybrid approach to Cais José Estelita
PAULA JULIN: Heritage Conservation and Real Estate Development: Expert Collaboration in Urban Planning
TIINA HOTAKAINEN: A temporal exploration of culture-led urban regeneration in Myllytulli, Oulu

Housing design 2. Chair: Jyrki Tarpio (RO107) ABSTRACTS

NIINA NIEMINEN, SINI SAARIMAA, MARKUS LAINE, JYRKI TARPIO: Mapping residential environments and spaces from dwellers’ perspective
ANITA OLLÁR, MIKAELA BENGTSSON, PAULA FEMENÍAS: The kitchen of the future through an academic lens: Architectural thesis projects’ knowledge contribution to academic research
LAURA ARPIAINEN, IRA VERMA: New designs for hospice care in Finland
NINNI WESTERHOLM: Greenhousing – Biophilic Housing Design According to the Natural Cycles in the Nordic Urban Context

Experiencing urbanity. Chair: Minna Chudoba (RJ210) ABSTRACTS

JAANA VANHATALO: A home in the city – but what is a city?
RACHEL SIMMONDS: Under our noses: The temporary city
EEVA BERGLUND: Dwelling on urban dwelling with the concept of landscape

Friday 4 October 13:00 – 14:30, Hervanta Campus

Residential architecture and modernity. Chair: Olli-Paavo Koponen (RO105) ABSTRACTS

MINNA CHUDOBA: The tall building and urban space in light of two modernist case studies
YUDISHTHIR SHEGOBIN: The Hidden Ill of Society: Social Exclusion & its Re-percussions on Residents of Hulme Crescents
RYTIS BUDAVIČIUS: The Rise of Modernism in Britain: Silver End Housing Estate
HELENA TERÄVÄINEN: Tapiola – a multiple town experience

Housing in a city 2. Chair: Jaana Vanhatalo (RO107) ABSTRACTS

SEBASTIAN NIEMANN, GÉRALD LEDENT: Housing – Work – Territory, spatial and social structures of agricultural and mining settlements in Northern France
ELIZABETH DONOVAN: Shifting sustainable communities: from rural eco-villages to urban sustainable communities
RANJA HAUTAMÄKI, MARI ARILUOMA: From objectives to impacts – promoting urban green by the Green Factor method
JONNA TAEGEN, IRA VERMA: Participative approach for developing areas with shrinking population

Shared city. Chair: Dalia Milián Bernal (RJ210) ABSTRACTS

MOHAMMAD BOROOJERDI: Social Capacity of Urban Spaces in Social Interaction
DANIELA BAER, KARIN HØYLAND, LARS ARNE BØ: Sharing Neighbourhoods – How shared spaces contribute to more social inclusive neighbourhoods
MARKKU NORVASUO: The new Helsinki Central Library Oodi: from silence to urban living