Restorative strategies, responses and pedagogies in architecture and the built environment

, aims to exchange multi-disciplinary knowledge about current restorative practices and how we can and should (a)mend our strategies, values, and responses to create a resilient and restorative alternative future. In 2022, the symposium is organized by the Tampere School of Architecture as part of the annual symposium series of the Finnish schools of architecture.
Radical transformations of our physical, political, organisational, social and value structures are needed to respond to – and prepare for – societal, environmental, and climatic crises and to restore the past damage that our (in)activities in the built environment have inflicted. To do this we must collectively make giant leaps forward by acknowledging our own role, responsibility and values and by asking uncomfortable questions about how we got here, and how we can make (a)mends, urgently.

We invite contributions that explore resilient and restorative approaches to extrinsic crises and challenges that society faces (e.g., pandemic, climate change and biodiversity decline, environmental limits, demographic shifts, inequalities etc.) and those that have been intrinsic to built environment activities and practices itself (e.g., finite resources, impact on (non-)humans and the planet’s health and well-being, lack of inclusivity, outdated values and pedagogical approaches etc.).