The theme of the Symposium will be Plan, develop, design: Making smart cities and architecture.

We call for theoretical, conceptual, empirical, practical, critical, historical, pedagogical, or artistic contributions. These may relate to, but are not restricted to, the following questions.

Strategies and activities

How can design, planning and development fields contribute to the multidisciplinary devising and implementing of smart city strategies?


How will these developments change the experience of the built environment?


How will these changes affect issues of participation, democracy, agency and access in the design, planning and development of the built environment?


How will the built environment be augmented and hybridized with digital technologies and services?

Applications of technology

How will novel technologies, such as smart lighting control and smart building management systems, influence design and experience of built environment?

Design for industry

How will the building industry’s new products and services affect to building design and architecture?


How will the novel conceptualisation of goods and environments as services change planning and design?

Smart living

How to plan, develop and design smart living?


How should designers address the major environmental challenges of our time, such as climate change, and how do these issues connect with the smart cities and smart architecture movement?

ICT infrastructure in cities

How should we take ICT infrastructure into account in urban planning and design? How does the ICT infrastructure adapt to the unknown future?

The conference organizers will group presentations into sessions according to the submissions.

In addition, there are special sessions on:

Business models in the built environment

Emerging urban form

Smart lighting

Smart building design and construction