Venue University of Oulu, Tellus Innovation Arena

(Address: Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1)

Book of abstracts

Plan, develop, design: Making smart cities and architecture. Book of abstracts available here.

Wednesday, November 29th

10.00 PhD workshop, Dr. Aulikki Herneoja (Frost Club)

12.30 Lunches are available at the campus restaurants

13.30 PhD workshop continues

19.00 Get-together (Architecture Guild House, address: Pursitie 8)

Thursday, November 30th

09.00 Registration and coffee

10.00 Vice rector for education, professor Helka-Liisa Hentilä, Welcoming words (Stage)

Dr. Sari Hirvonen-Kantola, Introduction to the symposium

10.15 Account Manager Mika Rantakokko, Digital transition action plan for Europe (Stage)

10.30 Keynote lecture: Professor Christian Nielsen, Business models in the smart city context (Stage)

11.30 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 1: Business models in the built environment (Stage)
Professor Christian Nielsen
Adjunct professor Petri Ahokangas
Dr. Sari Hirvonen-Kantola

Session 2: Emerging urban form (Aspire)
Chair: Professor Ari Hynynen
Hanna Kosunen & Irina Atkova: Operational models for urban infill planning: Case Turku, Finland
Irina Atkova & Sari Hirvonen-Kantola: Business models for urban planning agencies
Mia Pujol: New port of Barcelona: Productive green

Tommy K. Lindgren: The material city: Potential for urban development in mapping material processes, erosion and obsolescence in Helsinki
Ari Hynynen & Jari Kolehmainen: Smart principles for knowledge-based urban development: Case Finnish railway station areas

12.30 Lunches are available at the campus restaurants

13.30 Keynote lecture: Project coordinator, Associate professor Miguel Á. García-Fuentes, Smart transformation of urban areas

through integrated actions in energy, mobility and ICTs (Stage)

14.30 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 1 continues: Business models in the built environment (Stage)

Session 2 continues: Emerging urban form (Aspire)

Session 3: Experience and participation (Frost Club)
Chair: Dr. Anna Luusua
Sanna Peltoniemi & Harry Edelman: Learning from applying urban informatics in design studio course
Mika Ruusunen: Smart cities with smart energy

Frederik Marc Eric Vandyck & Inge Bertels: Urban industrial land and the production of space: A typomorphological analysis of urban productive spaces in the Jette-Koekelberg area in Brussels capital region
Minna Chudoba: Building high? The tall building question in Finnish cities
Gerd Bloxham Zettersten: Ambitions for Kiruna 2.0

Ira Verma: Resilient housing and care services for aging municipalities
Martino De Rossi: The antique and contemporary character of domus: Places for living
Jenni Merinen: Personalized spaces to allow more independent life for visually impaired people

15.30 Coffee

16.00 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 1 continues: Business models in the built environment (Stage)

Session 2 continues: Emerging urban form (Aspire)

Session 3 continues: Experience and participation (Frost Club)
Peter Hemmersam, Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jonny Aspen & Jorn G.S. Knutsen: Unfolding cases of the urban digital
Helena Teräväinen: Reflections on different time levels in the urban space, three city experiences
Riikka Kuittinen, Eevamaria Juuti, Matti Lakkala & Janne Pihlajaniemi: Individuality included: Towards mass customization in Finnish log house architecture

Juho Rajaniemi, Teemu Jama & Panu Lehtovuori: What do we need zoning for? Changes in legitimizing the Finnish zoning system
Ranja Hautamäki: National urban park: A model for a sustainable city or a legislative cage for development?

Mari Oline Giske Stendebakken & Nils O.E. Olsson: Costs are not the decisive factor: A property development assessment of the possible rehabilitation of a cultural heritage site
Vesa Vihanninjoki: Smartness experienced? The sustainability of embedded novel technologies in everyday urban life
Pia Fricker: Computational landscapes: "Immersive experience through the exploration of mixed reality"
Sanna Lehtinen: Aesthetic perspectives to creating urban smart sustainability
Tiina Hotakainen & Essi Oikarinen: Everybody loves balloons! Potential of art projects as a tool for culture-led urban regeneration

18.45 Transport to the conference dinner (from Lapland Hotel Oulu, address: Kirkkokatu 36)

19.00 Conference dinner (Nallikari Restaurant, address: Nallikarinranta 15) and sauna option

21.30 and 23.00 Transport back to the conference hotels (from Nallikari Restaurant)

Friday, December 1st

09.30 Registration and coffee

10.00 Keynote lecture: Interaction Designer Rune Nielsen, Yes, I am talking to you, you and you… Media Architecture as a platform for

urban interaction (Stage)

11.00 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 4: Smart lighting (Stage)
Dr. Henrika Pihlajaniemi
Dr. Eveliina Juntunen

Special event, free of charge: ICT infrastructure for smart living. IoT and digital transformation (Aspire)
Researcher Vadim Kramar
Super IoT Alliance Leader Pekka Jokitalo
Eveliina Juntunen, Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Esa-Matti Sarjanoja, Anna Luusua & Juho Eskeli: SenCity - Piloting intelligent lighting as a service platform for innovative cities
Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Anna Luusua & Eveliina Juntunen: Evaluating users' experiences of adaptive lighting while walking and driving - Reflection on methods
Kjell Yngve Petersen: Ambient adaptive lighting
Roope Siiroinen & Heikki Lamula: Smart technology, stupid solutions
Marcos Katz & Jari Laru: Smart lighting and visible light communications: A happy marriage

Helmi Ben Hmida, IoT and digital transformation expert (Fraunhofer IGD): IoT enabled smart city: Requirement and challenges

IoT enabled smart city is emerging as a key component to enable the vision of smart cities. Recently, it has been highlighted through different studies that “the success of the smart city depends on interoperability, achieved through standards and layered architectures”. My talk will highlight the today status of IoT Enabled Smart city and the estimated benefit of the integration of Horizontal platforms for Cross-Domain Use Cases and data sharing objectives.

12.30 Lunches are available at the campus restaurants

13.30 Keynote lecture: Architect SAFA Anssi Lassila, Works (Stage)

14.30 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 4 continues: Smart lighting (Stage)

Session 5: Smart building design and construction (Aspire)
Chair: Professor Janne Pihlajaniemi
Piia Markkanen, Henrika Pihlajaniemi & Aulikki Herneoja: Adaptive lighting interventions in knowledge work environments
Sanae Chraibi, Charlotte Rosenkotter, Patrick Creemers, Evert van Loenen & Alexander Rosemann: Granular dimming of lighting in offices: User experience and acceptance
Måns Paul, Henri Juslen, Matti Vesterinen, Jukka Ahola, Lars Hellström: Wireless self learning lighting control

Juho Yliniemi & Mirja Illikainen: Geopolymers - an environmentally friendly building material
Janne Pihlajaniemi: Modern log city research project
Anna Luusua, Matti Lakkala & Janne Pihlajaniemi: Perceptions of log and log buildings among Finnish architectural and building industry professionals

15.30 Coffee

16.00 Parallel sessions

Otsikko 1 Otsikko 2 Otsikko 3
Session 4 continues: Smart lighting (Stage)

Session 5 continues: Smart building design and construction (Aspire)
Sara Leino: Smart lighting solution in architecture of hospital campus
Espen Oxholm, Ellen Kathrine Hansen & Stine Maria Louring Nielsen: Light and media-projections in patient rooms. A preliminary case study
Henrika Pihlajaniemi: WelLIT - Intelligent lighting and well-being in northern learning environments
Sarunas Noskaitis, Lucrezia Seghi & Spyridon Spanos: The northern and southern lighting cultures

Matti Lakkala, Janne Pihlajaniemi, Eevamaria Juuti & Riikka Kuittinen: Industrially produced log: Essential architectonic features in the scope of contemporary architecture

17.00 Closing words and sparkling wine (Stage)

19.00 Evening program, Guided walk at the Lumo Light Festival

Saturday, December 2nd

Arctic experiences and wooden architecture in Syöte and Pudasjärvi (cancelled)