Architecture and City as a Home

The theme ‘Architecture and City as a Home’ brings together participants with diverse backgroundsto create a dialogue about how to address current and emerging societal and environmental issuesin the built environment at different scales. Homes, settlements, planning and designing goodplaces to live and ways of resolving housing shortages have been central to modern architecturesince the decades of early modernism. Furthermore, the themes of homelessness and nomadismhave profoundly influenced architectural theory, critique and philosophical thought. In 1929,Alvar Aalto considered the minimum apartment possible, because part of its functions could beextended to common rooms and spaces at schools, sports grounds, libraries, cinemas, concerthalls, auditoriums etc. This reminds us that both physically and conceptually, the home and the cityare related and intertwined. At present, societal issues such as increased dwelling impermanence,including homelessness and nomadism, have become issues on a global scale. This is due to a varietyof factors, including general urbanization, climate change, demographic changes and migration.

We invite submissions that on a broad spectrum unfold the cultural and material implications of thetheme in the present, the past and the future, including challenges to architectural practice, researchand education. We warmly welcome researchers and practitioners in architecture, urban design andplanning, geography, anthropology, as well as social sciences, humanities, ecology, engineering andother fields related to spatial studies, to participate in the symposium.

The Call for Papers for the 11th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research in Finland.