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RO107 & Zoom

RO107 & Zoom


Event info opens

Opening the symposium

Sofie Pelsmakers, Mari-Sohvi Miettinen & Antti Lönnqvist

Keynote 1, Resilience: Katja Maununaho.

Housing design quality in Finland: room for improvement.

Coffee break. Meet & greet poster presenters.

Parallel sessions: Resilience.


Resilience 1:
Crises and crises responses

Location: RO104 & Zoom

Identifying social impacts of crises to strengthen social resilience. Anahita Rashidfarokhi, Lassi Tähtinen, Saija Toivonen.

Rewilding the built environment: a resilient response to different crises. Raúl Castano, Heini Järventausta, Jenni Poutanen, Sofie Pelsmakers

Enhancing Co-Benefits of Cooling Effect and Carbon Sequestration in Community through Optimized Greenery Configurations. Chang Xi, Raúl Castaño-Rosa, Sofie Pelsmakers, Shijie Cao.

Green Building Passive Design and Performance Optimization: Green Glass Space and Earth Air Tunnel Coupling System. Cunkuan Zhang, Chang Xi, Zhuangbo Feng, Shijie Cao.

Resilience 2:
People & communities

Location: RJ108 & Zoom

Art, reflection, and reconstruction. Anna Jensen

Campus Transformations and Student Preferences. Jenni Poutanen

Connection, comfort & control: older peoples’ perspectives on technology retrofits at home. Kate Simpson, Cian O'Donovan, Ralitsa Hiteva

The connection between residents’ feeling of loneliness and their living environment. Sofie Pelsmakers, Terhi Lampio, Raúl Castano, Katja Maununaho

Resilience 3:
Resilient city

Location: RO105 & Zoom

Extending the Extension: A study into the Synthesis of Spatiality and Embodied Carbon in Future Alterations of Suburban Dublin. Ronan Conlon-Dooley

Om att uppfinna hjulet på nytt: kvarteret som byggsten för staden. Jarre Parkatti

Creative reuse driving revitalization in a post-industrial town. Riikka Kyrö, Rebecka Lundgren

The fall of the self-evident wealth? – Households’ perceptions of the future development of real estate values in shrinking cities. Saija Toivonen.

12:30 – 13:30

13:30 – 14:30

14:30 – 15:15

RO107 & Zoom


Lunch break

Keynote 2, Restore & Repair: Iida Kalakoski.

“The greenest building…”:

Teaching Architectural Preservation in the Ecological Crisis.

Poster presentations 1. Coffee.


Adaptive reuse and sharing spaces: A lifecycle perspective of embodied carbon and innovative sustainable construction. Rebecka Lundgren

Creating a socially valuable environment for Tampere citizens by managing the activities in the spaces of Tampere University, Hervanta campus. Elena Sitrakova, Sila Kartal

Approaching change in rural urban metabolism: A young planner's approach for ecological reconstruction in finnish rural regions. Emel Tuupainen.

Possibilities of Sustainable PDPC Housing using Prefabricated Massive Wood Construction. Mari-Sohvi Miettinen, Ari Hynynen, Virpi Palomäki

15:15 – 16:45

Parallel sessions: Resilience, Restore & Repair


Restore & Repair:
Lessons from the past

Location: RO104 & Zoom

Making amends with the past – approaching cultural trauma through built heritage. Olga Juutistenaho

Revaluing Aalto’s Prewar Housing: Nature in the home, a Techno-poetic analysis. Troels Rugbjerg, Dean Hawkes, Olli-Paavo Koponen, Ilmari Lahdelma, Ranald Lawrence, Sofie Pelsmakers

‘Every Time I Describe a City, I am Saying Something About Venice’: Sustainable Adaptive Reuse in a Fragile City. Sally Stone, Margherita Vanore

Use of Massive Earth Through History and Future of Finnish Buildings. Johanna Hyrkäs, Panu Savolainen

Re-thinking design

Location: RJ108 & Zoom

Material Informed System: Dynamically Transformable Growing Structures and Architecture From “Endless” Measuring Tape. Faezeh Zadeghi, Günther H. Filz

Horizontal expandability of Finnish multifamily buildings constructed between 1966 and 1983: Case Espoo. Jyrki Tarpio

A House Moved (Husflyttningar): Wide Load (Bred Last). Tonia Carless, Robin Serjeant

Re-thinking wood

Location: RO105 & Zoom

Potentials and limitations of structural systems used in multi-storey timber apartment buildings in Finland. Teemu Hirvilammi, Antti Tuure, Hüseyin Emre Ilgın, Markku Karjalainen

The environmental performance of residential multi-storey timber buildings compared to planned carbon budgets in Finland. Ninni Westerholm

Architectural Design from up-cycled concrete formwork wood: Perspectives on new physical and aesthetic qualities of waste wood, computer vision and algorithm-assisted façade design. Gabrielle Nicolas, Günther H. Filz

Teaching with wood. Reconciling future architects with the forest. Francesco Camilli


19:00 – 21:00

City walk with Minna Chudoba. Starting from Koskipuisto A tram stop in city centre.

Conference dinner for those who have assigned in advance. Restaurant Tampella, city centre. Address: Kelloportinkatu 1.

FRIDAY 21.10.




RO107 & Zoom


Keynote 3, Revalue & Reform: Chiara Tagliaro

Inclusive workplace, State of the Art.

Coffee. Meet & greet poster presenters.

Parallel sessions: Revalue & Reform


Revalue & Reform 1:
Revaluing practices

Location: RO104 & Zoom

Unravelling the public procurement networks of architectural services in Finland as pathways of transformative design innovations. Vincent Kuo, Günther H. Filz

Broken Telephones. The Assemblage of Mediating Actors in the Case of Low2No. Tommy Lindgren

Representation and Repetition: Is a new planning paradigm reducing the complexity and depoliticising public spaces in Christiania, Copenhagen? Jens Brandt.

Spatializing the Boundaries of extraction. An interpretative cartography of mining practices in Sweden. Alejandro Haiek, Raquel Colacios, Pimentel Luis

Revalue & Reform 2:
Reuse, practices and teaching

Location: RJ108 & Zoom

Material flows from buildings: A comparison of patterns in two Finnish cities. Mario Kolkwitz, Satu Huuhka, Elina Luotonen

Design through availability – Architectural design process reform for reuse. Havu Järvelä

Reconfigured: A circular approach to construction pedagogy. Matan Mayer

Making the case for repair and re-use in architectural education. Ranald Lawrence, Emma Curtin




RO107 & Zoom


Lunch break

Keynote 4, Reflect & Re-educate: Kasia Nawratek.

Choose your tools wisely: Using dialogical architectural

pedagogies for sustainable world.

Poster presentations 2. Coffee.


Re-thinking resilience from a child’s perspective. Heini Järventausta

Climate Change Resilience of the Higher Education Sector: A Systematic Review. Eleni Davidson, Yair Schwartz, Dejan Mumovic, Joe Williams

100 years of Tabula Rasa in Architecture. Henri Käpynen

Building Management Systems: their role in energy and indoor climate resilience. Raúl Castaño, Junqi Wang, Shi-jie Cao, Sofie Pelsmakers


Parallel sessions: Reflect & Re-educate

Reflect & Re-educate 1:
The new designer

Location: RJ108 & Zoom

Designing for and with democracy: educating the transformative practitioner. Essi Nisonen, Sofie Pelsmakers, Jenni Poutanen

Teaching Urban Activism – A retrospective view through the lens of critical-democratic engagement. Elina Alatalo, Veera Turku, Dalia Milián Bernal, Mikko Kyrönviita

Rethinking Education: A Framework for Contextualizing Environmental Education Practice in Cities. Shammi Akter Keya, Eeva Aarrevaara

Drawing the climate emergency – making the invisible visible, a pedagogical approach. Elizabeth Donovan, Helle Blom

Reflect & Re-educate 2:
Tools and methods

Location: RO104 & Zoom

Encountering the gaze of a visitor- Discussion between two researchers from different disciplines. Helena Teräväinen, Funmi Akindejoye

Transforming Architectural Design Pedagogy. A Reflection on an Experimental Master’s Level Course. Rosana Rubio Hernández, Fernando Nieto Fernandez, Guiomar Martín Domínguez, Sergio Martín Blas, Mara Sánchez Llorens and Francisco Javier Maroto Ramos

How the perception of Sustainability in Academia has changed since Covid19. An early survey. Ugo Maria Coraglia, Caterina Morganti, Marco Alvise Bragadin.

Research Education for Architecture Students: Case-Study of the Academic Reading Circle Method. Anni Vartola.


Closing words