PhD Workshop 21st of October 2020 at 10 AM

Online event, Oulu School of Architecture, University of Oulu

PhD Workshop for Doctoral Students of Architecture 2020 is arranged by Oulu School of Architecture, University of Oulu.
Time PhD Workshop program

10.00 Dr. Aulikki Herneoja: Opening words
10.15 Introductory Keynote Lecture, Docent Emilia Rönkkö, Locia Solutions Oy: My journey from theory to practice: Researching evidence-based planning processes and ending up developing digital tools in an UrbanTech startup

Comfort break

11.45 Doctoral Researchers’ Presentations, comments by Docent Emilia Rönkkö, and discussion with the audience

Valeria Gryada: Knowledge Transfer between Service Design and Architectural Design in Public Building Projects

12.25 Ville Paananen: Digitizing Spatial Experience: New Dimensions for Technology
13.05 Lunch break

Franck Marquilie: Restoration of the concert hall and theater of the time period 1850-1900 from the point of view of acoustics


Johannes Jutila: Asemakaavoituksen resilienssi – autopaikoituksen, joustavan kaavoituksen ja hulevesien hallinta muuttuvassa ympäristössä

15.20 Comfort break
15.35 Ketham Santosh Kumar: Weave, rethinking coastal cities for present and future scenarios for sustainable and egalitarian habitat with Adaptive Architecture and Urbanism

Beata Labuhn: (Dis)entanglements of Architecture and Environmentalism 1965-1975

16.55 Dr. Aulikki Herneoja: Closing discussion

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