Instructions for online symposium

Online participation

Please find always up-to-date instructions at this webpage.

Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 for main program

To enter the symposium, engage Zoom 1 well before the Opening of the symposium. You will be admitted to enter at 9.00 AM EET. To enter Zoom 1, use the link to be sent to the registered symposium participants by email.

To enter Zoom 2 for parallel session, leave Zoom 1 and enter Zoom 2 by using Zoom 2 link.

IMPORTANT: The Zoom links have already been sent to the registered participants by email. Please monitor your email and ensure they have not been filtered into your junk email box.

Technical requirements for participation and presenting

For the video streaming of our conference, we are using Zoom Software. You can sign up to Zoom here. If you are not familiar with using Zoom, please refer to Zoom tutorials and test beforehand with your computer. Use your full name in Zoom in order to make the conference experience better for all the guests. Please mute your microphone while listening to the presentations. We encourage you to keep your camera on while listening to create a more interactive online event. For commenting during the presentations, please use the Slack channels Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 (see information below) or Zoom chat. You can also comment orally in Zoom, whenever the session facilitator indicates time for questions.

We recommend downloading the zoom client to join the event via your destinations zoom website. Joining the meeting also works via web browser. Sometimes some errors occur using a special web browser. If you have no experience so far, test it here.

You will need to share your screen for live presentations, see an example from here.

If you are not able to present live due to technical restrictions for e.g. low internet connection, it is possible to send us a recorded presentation as well. We will show it online in the scheduled session. Please contact the symposium email latest on Monday 19 October for this option.

During the symposium, in case of technical problems that you cannot overcome with the attached instructions, please ask for support in Slack in #technical_assistance channel.

Virtual lobby for social program

For coffee and lunch breaks, the organizer will transfer you from Zoom 1 to the Virtual lobby. For this, accept the breakout room invitation (in a pop-up window). In case you do not find the invitation, check your display again as the invitation sometimes hides under other open windows.

In case you are in Zoom 2, you need to return to Zoom 1 first to be transferred to the Virtual lobby.

At the end of the coffee and lunch breaks, the symposium guests will be transferred back to Zoom 1.

Slack for interaction and support

For sharing thoughts, ideas, questions and further information during the symposium, we have created Slack channels for the use of the symposium guests. During the keynote and parallel sessions, as well as the social program, we look forward to having vivid discussions in Slack! The link to Atut2020 Slack has already been sent to the registered participants by email.

Please edit your profile to show your full name.

You will find different channels to be used during the symposium, for instance Zoom 1, Zoom 2 and Technical Assistance. You can use Slack for chat discussion concerning the keynote lectures, parallel session presentations, and many more.

Slack can be used with the browser or alternatively, you can download the Slack application to your computer or mobile device.

In Slack, you can also have a bilateral discussion with another symposium participant by using Direct messages.

Symposium kit

The Nordic Association of Architectural Research and the University of Oulu, Oulu School of Architecture warmly welcome you to the NAF/NAAR Symposium 2020 and the 12th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research 2020 (ATUT2020). We have sent you the Symposium kit via traditional mail: compliments for our guests, traditional Finnish sweets, to be enjoyed together during the symposium coffee and candy breaks.

We have been able to send the Symposium kit to the participants registered by 14 October, due to postal services.

Instructions for presenters

Present your full paper in 15 minutes by using a Power Point presentation or similar, to support your talk. Your presentation will be followed by Q&A for 10-15 minutes (including potential opponents’ comments). The full paper must be presented in English.

We ask you not to exceed your allocated time. Due to parallel sessions, this is critical to the overall success of the conference.

The parallel session presenters will prepare themselves during the preceding break. You will be asked to share your screen by yourself. However, for a back-up plan, we suggest that you send your Power Point presentation to .

As the quality of videos in live streaming events is not appropriate, we ask you to avoid using videos in your presentation.

Book of abstract

The Book of abstract will be available for the symposium participants only. Due to double-blind peer review process requirements, you are not allowed to pass or show the Book of abstracts to any third party.

Instructions for publishing


Day 1 full papers are processed according to the NAAR Proceedings Series guidelines with the aim of being published in this series.

Day 2 full papers are processed according to the Journal of Architectural Research in Finland guidelines with the aim of being published in this journal.

Both publications have Gold open access and are at level 1 of the Nordic scientific ranking system.

Guidelines for authors

After revising your full paper based on comments received in the symposium, submit your manuscript for double-blind peer review.
The manuscript must be submitted in English.

Day 1: NAF/NAAR 2020, NAAR Proceedings Series

For Day 1 (NAF/NAAR 2020, NAAR Proceedings Series), send your manuscript to:,

Guidelines for NAAR Proceedings Series (Day 1, NAF/NAAR 2020) can be uploaded here. In the NAAR Proceedings Series, a maximum of 3 authors is allowed per paper.

16 November 2020: Submission of articles/essays

16 December 2020: Articles/essays are sent from the editors to the reviewers

15 February 2021: Review completed. Notification of article/essay acceptance for the next review step and comments from the reviewers to the authors

16 April 2021: All authors with an accepted article/essay have revised their articles/essays, and they are returned to the editors and reviewers for rereading

31 May 2021: The authors are informed whether their revised articles/essays have been finally accepted for the proceedings publication, or if they need further improvement

June – November 2021: Professional copyediting of all articles and essays; graphical design of proceedings publication; proofreadings of PDF-file before publication/print

November 2021: Targeted publishing date. NAF/NAAR aims for a printed and digital publication

Day 2: ATUT2020, Journal of Architectural Research in Finland

For Day 2 (ATUT2020, Journal of Architectural Research in Finland), send your manuscript to:

Guidelines for the Journal of Architectural Research in Finland (Day 2, ATUT2020) can be uploaded here.

30 November 2020: Submission of the manuscript for double-blind peer review

31 March 2021: Notification of manuscript review

15 May 2021: Submission of camera ready manuscript

By November 2021: Targeted publication


NAF/NAAR and the Oulu School of Architecture will appoint editors for the publications after the symposium.