Manuscript submission

Updated 15 November 2019

Deadline extended to 7 Dec 2019

There is now a one week extension to the deadline. The new deadline is Saturday, 7 December 2019 (24:00 UTC)

After the ATUT2019 symposium, registered authors whose accepted presentation (abstract) was included in the symposium, may submit their full papers (5000 – 8000 words) by 30 November 2019. The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by selected reviewers in a double-blind process. Manuscripts accepted by the reviewers will be published in the online journal Architectural Research in Finland (ARF) using the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ Open Journal System (OJS) publishing platform. The publication fulfils the criteria of the Finnish Publication Forum to receive recognition Level 1 = basic. (The classification has three levels: 1 = basic; 2 = leading; 3 = top.)

Please follow this page for future information. For further questions, please contact

Instructions for manuscript preparation

Here is more information about how to prepare your manuscript for peer review. First, there is a template:
Go to

You can find a link to the submission word template under the section "For Authors". Copy the link to your browser and download the template.

At this point, you need not register, but registering lets you to see all the papers published so far. Select "Register" at the top of the journal page. Registration is free and applies to the whole portal.

A few things to observe: The template word document is also a layout template and looks pretty demanding. At the manuscript phase, it is not necessary to follow the visual style rigidly, as your main concern is the contents of your text. Please use the ordinary 10 pt Arial font as advised, 7 cm left margin and 1,5 cm other margins and single line spacing.

The following other points are important:
- The section division as advised
- Instructions for the referencing system (Harvard)
- The numbering and titles for figures and tables
If you have illustrations, you can just put them 'in line with text'.

Please do not include the personal details of the authors in the document!

The word format (.docx, .doc, .rtf or even .odf) is good for the submission.

Instructions for the submitting process

If you have not already registered, you need to register now.

After registration, log in to the ARF journal. Then, select "About" and "Submissions". Now you can start the submission.
At this point, please observe that the statement "This section is open for the authors of ARF vol.3 no.1, 2019" does not hold, as there are other issues of the journal in process. This is not a problem, as all manuscript are handled individually.

Press "Make a new submission". You get to the submission page.

There are five tabs to go through in order: Start, Upload Submission, Enter Metadata, Confirmtion and Next Steps.
1. Select the language and other options. You can leave the Comment field empty if you like. Press "Save and Continue".
2. This opens a popup window "Upload Submission File". For the Article component, select "Article Text". Now upload your file. After uploading, press "Save and Continue".
3. Enter metadata - the Title and Abstract are necessary. Please check the List of Contributors and add the missing, including their email addresses. You can also add some keywords. (You may see additional fields for "Suomi" = Finnish information as well.)
4. Confirm the submission.
5. Done! - This shows the next steps.