Manuscript submission

(Updated 27 Oct 2019)

After the ATUT2019 symposium, registered authors whose accepted presentation (abstract) was included in the symposium, may submit their full papers (5000 – 8000 words) by 30 November 2019. The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by selected reviewers in a double-blind process. Manuscripts accepted by the reviewers will be published in the online journal Architectural Research in Finland (ARF) using the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ Open Journal System (OJS) publishing platform. The publication fulfils the criteria of the Finnish Publication Forum to receive recognition Level 1 = basic. (The classification has three levels: 1 = basic; 2 = leading; 3 = top.)

Detailed instructions about the submission process will be added here.

Please follow this page for future information. For further questions, please contact